Who kendall schmidt dating

Also Sanders costarred in American Dreams, Judging Amy and Strong Medicine in 2003, in 2005 the actress guest starred in 8 Simple Rules and then became a star in Zoey 101.

In 2008 she guest starred in Ugly Betty, 2009 also guest starrred in Castle and Mad Men.

For movies Jow acted in Bratz: The Movie and it was the first movie she acted in, and then she continued in 2007 she acted in Mother Goose Parade, then 2009 Aliens in The Attic, in 2010: You're so Cupid and The Social Network, 2012 she acted in The Immoral Prodigy and 2014 Plastic and Presumed Dead in Paradise.

Of course let's not leave out Logan Mitchell's love interest Camille Roberts AKA Erin Sanders, before BTR Erin Sanders started acting in Apple Valley Knights as Molly Knight, which is kind of a series regular.

Before BTR (the tv show) started Schmidt had acted in a few movies and tv shows before, in 2005 he acted in CSI: Miami as Dominic Albeyta in episodes "Hell Night" and "Legal", All That, Poor Paul as Guitar John, Ghost Whisperer and Without a Trace.

Also he and the rest of BTR lent their voice in Penguins of Madagascar in episode, Tunnel of Love, and he lent his voice for The Great Migration which was directed by his brother, Kevin Schmidt.

Stephen Kramer Glickman who plays BTR's manager in Big Time Rush was also not much of a star, Glickman mostly acts/acted in short movies and a few episodes from TV shows, Glickman had just acted in a short titled The Hall Monitors as Principal Schwartzman and in a TV show called The Mysteries of Science as Chum Powers in 1 episode, Glickman also acts in parody movies such as The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It (also was an associate producer) and 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (he also is the consulting producer-uncredited, casting associate-uncredited, creative consultant).

Before BTR Glickman starred in Carpoolers (small role) in 2 episodes as Rust Bucket Boy, and then Glickman moved on to Jeffrey Ross: No Offense- Live from New Jersey as Larry (also the composer), after BTR Glickman acted in Police Guys as Stephen a TV movie and he is the executive producer for it.

Even before BTR Schmidt had his own band of course he was the lead singer and the band was called Heffron Drive, after BTR (both tv shows and band) broke up Schmidt went on and kept on being a singer again for Heffron Drive after releasing their latest (only) album Happy Mistakes.Not saying anything but after BTR ended Logan Henderson didn't do much but wrote songs he and Kendall Schmidt sang a few duets titled Red Light Green Light, Rich Girl, Next Step and Featuring You, Henderson wrote most of the songs from BTR's last album 24/Seven including the titular track "24/Seven".Henderson isn't/wasn't much of a big star because he started acting and singing in 2009, he started out by landing a (very,very,very) small role in NBC's Friday Night Lights, heck it was just a cameo but since then the role gave Logan a peak at acting and made him want to chase his dreams to entertain people by acting and singing, BTR changed his life forever, YOU GO LOGAN!The actress is now currently acting in a movie (I think) titled Chained and Bound set to release this year.) is an American actor, pop rock singer-songwriter and music producer.

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