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I’m not planning on getting naked with my patients, but her strategy of accepting sexualization in order to help men to express their needs and desires is compelling.Sarah agreed to an interview with me, exploring her business and the philosophy behind it.Originally, Sarah saw some women, but over time she’s gravitated towards working only with men, and feels her style and approach is most effective and helpful in dealing with issues of masculinity.Indeed, Sarah has become a defender of men and argues that masculinity is too often reduced to simplistic, stereotyped concepts which paint men as simple beings controlled by their sexual desires."Naked Therapy is man-positive.She was a thoughtful, poised individual, with a great head on top of her admittedly attractive shoulders.

She replied: A webcam girl is there to fully serve and please the visitor within her personal limits in whatever way he deems desirable.

Sarah says that she doesn’t use or adopt the sex addict label, but finds that it does come up quite a bit in her work.

In her words:"I meet with a lot of clients who state openly that they have an 'addiction to porn.' ...

Sarah had been around therapy in her personal life and realized that just talking to people — while naked — could be a powerful therapeutic phenomenon.

Since 2010, Sarah has worked with over 1,000 men, and feels her practice has improved as she's gained confidence and experience in developing insights into her clients.

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