Relative dating worksheet middle school

This provides the student with the opportunity to experience the world of work in conjunction with their program of study.

One semester hour of credit is equivalent to forty-five (45) contact hours.

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Prerequisite: ART 220 Painting IThis is a survey course exploring the arts of North American peoples from Paleolithic to contemporary times.

Lectures, readings, audio-visual means, research and resource persons constitute the main learning activities.

Creation of art activity based on the five different cultural aesthetics: Northwest Coast Transformation Masks, Plains Style Parfleches, Southeastern Shell Carving, Woodlands Beadwork, and Southwest Pottery Designs.

Students will begin this course gathering and sorting quills, collecting or selecting dye and drying quills. Native American cultural and historic designs and color will be emphasized.

A study of forms, methods, materials, and the characteristics of pottery.

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