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He smiled at her response and stood up, walking over to her mother to take her hand and kiss it. "Might I say y'all look as beautiful as the day I first saw you." Eudora removed her hand from his and walked away."What do you want? He smiled and waved his hand in the air, making a black coat and purple vest, identical to the ones he was wearing, appear on his arm. Tiana shivered and moved away from him."I'm married," she said, almost without thinking. But by then it was past midnight and she couldn't break the spell.""So then how'd y'all get turned back? "After Lottie couldn't break the spell Naveen and I decided to get married." She decided not to include the detail about Ray's funeral for fear of how he'd react to being called a murderer.

That seemed to amuse him because he chuckled quietly. " He said, before adding, "If y'all don't mind me asking? "So Mama Odie married us as frogs.""Of course," he said, laughing to himself. It was a harsh, brutal sound that made her blood run cold.

Having discreetly moved aside during the last phase of this ritual coupling, the male puffs out his cheeks and hovers over the eggs.

Tiana went to go see what was wrong and saw the witch doctor."Why are you here? She had hoped that since her and her friends had helped him find his shadow, he would have left her alone. Facilier didn't answer her question, at least not right away. He glanced from her to the clothes and back to her. Not a sinister smile, not the smile of a man about to steal a soul. " Tiana demanded once her mother had left the room."What you see is what you get, darling." He said. "I thought he was going to marry Charlotte." Tiana shook her head."He was," she said. So he decided to marry Charlotte so that he could give me the money so I'd be happy.

He stepped past her mother and into the the house, then turning around to face the two unnerved women, bowed."Ladies," he said, watching them intently. There was something evil yet oddly charismatic about him. "And please, call me Facilier." He smiled slyly at her. I told him I wouldn't be happy without him and so Lottie decided to kiss him but not marry him.

Against the wall Shadow cocked his head to one side quizzically."Is that so? He looked back at her, his violet eyes locking with her brown ones.

"Continue." He said."Right," she said, trying to remember where he'd stopped her. And, since I had married a prince and was therefore now a princess...""That broke my spell," he finished.

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