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It turns out that some mobile phone users who have attempted to use mobile apps for processing emails ended up having different issues including problems on sending emails, unable to receive emails, email won’t sync, and the like.Even some users of the new Apple i Phone 7 smartphone are also plagued with the same email problems while trying to process emails using the Mail app on their i Phone.Some service providers or carriers would impose a temporary disconnect to accounts with issues that need to be settled.

On the brighter side, email problems like these are software, thus can likely be resolved by end-users.

Sometimes your i Phone apps can become corrupted as manifested by random apps glitches. When the Mail app glitches, most likely it won’t work as it should.

An application can get corrupted or malfunction after making incorrect changes to certain settings or installing updates that contain bugs.

Needless to say, many people especially those who are always on the go are benefited from this technology.

However, not all have the same positive experience.

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