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Delia later begins seeing the mysterious Victor Jerome (Jack Axelrod).

She later discovers that he is a mobster and she breaks off the relationship only to learn she is pregnant.

Delia gives birth to a daughter whom she puts up for adoption.

Delia then falls for Pat's older brother, Frank Ryan and they marry in 1970.

Delia is the catalyst for most of the show's story lines and remains a central component of the series throughout its run.Us Weekly ranked the character as the number-one villainess in soaps in 1977.Delia Reid grows up as a very lonely and confused child.Her father ends up in a mental institution and her mother works herself into an early grave leaving Delia in the care of her older brother, Bob.Delia becomes close to the Ryan family when the matriarch, Maeve (Helen Gallagher) shows her kindness and gives her food.

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