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However you may need to obtain prior authorization from local authorities for exporting certain items.

The export of any coral, shells or other protected marine products, flora, fauna or parts of animals is strictly prohibited.

Bargaining is the order of the day in smaller shops, and a request for a “small discount” or “special price” can sometimes work if you’re making a big purchase or buying several items.

On the West Coast, you’ll be regularly approached by the hawkers who hunt up and down the beach, with bags of clothes, tourist trinkets and souvenirs with open bargains you shouldn’t miss. Most shops are usually closed on Sundays and Full moon (Poya) days.

Tap water is not safe to drink, and boiling and filtering is sometimes done too hastily in some hotels and restaurants, so the best solution is to drink bottled water which carries an SLS certification with an un-broken seal.

Consume plenty of water during the day to avoid dehydration.

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Upon arrival, you may be required to open your baggage for inspection.Thambili (sweet king coconut water) is a safe, refreshing and healthy option.You may also find many Juice Shops offering a variety of healthy beverages made with fresh tropical fruits. Please note that Alcohol and meat items including eggs are not sold on Poya days (full-moon day of the month).Sri Lankan Airlines’ Air taxi service and few other providers offer convenient high-speed connections travelling between Colombo and other towns in the country.You may also travel in rented Cars, bikes or Sri Lankan ‘Tuk Tuks’ which have a built-in Meter displaying the distance and cost for easy reference.

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