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I would like to work for the government and do interpreting work in Arabic and German.UC: Why did you choose the University of Cincinnati?Arabic is an extremely difficult language and I need all the experience I can get.Between the classes I will be taking and the weekend excursions, I felt the Morocco program had a lot to offer. JS: I will be taking classes on Arabic, as well as Islamic Society and Politics, Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Three Religions, Three Peoples.

We begin our series by introducing you to Jillian Strunk, a senior from Bay Village, a community located just west of Cleveland.

You also have to do something for the community related to your study abroad.

I chose to do a blog about my trip and when I return I will print out pictures and blog entries and have them bound.

If you’d like more frequent updates on her progress, you can follow along with Jillian’s adventure on her blog,

In the mean time, stay tuned for future profiles of students who are exemplifying what it means to be Proudly Cincinnati beyond the borders of UC’s campus.

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