Dating gay dad and boy

But in recent years, something’s changed: gays have been getting even better at dating much younger or much older guys.

In decades past, because of the closet and social stigma, it used to be far more common for older/younger pairings to have a creepy power dynamic in which one or both parties were taking advantage of each other.

We’ve rounded up some top tips for navigating the age differences. Sometimes, that requires patience, since guys in their 20s are puppyish bundles of energy. Look for places where your hobbies and interests overlap, whether it’s knitting or hiking or watching . There’s always a risk that he’s a gold digger, just after you for your cash or stability.

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You know the ones -- where you're literally expecting an uplifting song to start playing right at the climax of a tear-jerking scene, which you happen to be seeing live before your eyes?

I myself was met with rejection because of my sexuality from much of my conservative family -- which has taken me years to overcome.

That being said, it occurred to me that for a group that often faces so much judgment, people in the LGBT community can be quite judgmental ourselves.

We suffered with the stereotype of the creepy old cruiser picking up unwitting boys; or the wicked rentboy stealing from a hapless senior. No matter what, he’s going to make you feel old sometimes.

Well, thank goodness the gay community is moving on from that. Your boy may be young and silly, but that doesn’t mean you should start running his life. So you have a choice: either feel sad about it, or laugh about it.

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