Couples therapy after 3 months of dating

After leaving the dinner table over Courtney's clothing and dress, Shayne threatens to leave the program.Continuing from the previous episode, Novia convinces a distraught Shayne to stay.Berman and Tom Carouso observe communication difficulties in Alex and Simon, who bicker over minutiae but do not discuss specific issues regarding their relationship, and Doug and Courtney, who have trouble speaking due to Courtney's tendency to become distracted.Todd struggles with whether he can maintain his public image as a womanizer while staying in a committed, monogamous relationship.

Nik apologies to Doug for his prior language, but tension between them continues.Linda confronts her mother Gail over her lack of support for Charley, and Tashera asks Dr. The couples have an emotional final group session, and that evening Charley proposes to Linda. Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison's controversial relationship leads to heated exchanges with and Shayne and Nik.On the first night, Nik refuses Doug demand for an apology for Nik's statements about him and Courtney.In an emotional group session, Angelina opens up about her tumultuous childhood and her trust issues with men, Reichen talks about being bullied in grade school for being gay, and DMX shares a horrific story of abuse that has clearly shaped the way he treats women to this day.Angelina's trust issues are tested when Chris receives a questionable card from his manager, and DMX struggles with the idea of facing his estranged mother after Dr.

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