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The AC-450-EX1K2 Matte Box has two filter holders: one 4x5.65 fixed, and one 4x4 which rotates 180.Because of the placement of the microphone and flip-out screen of the EX1, The 450-system requires users to load the truncated filter trays from the bottom.As some readers may know, the EX1's Fujinon 14x zoom lens sports a proper focus barrel (with ft.and meter readings) that "stops" at infinity and at the macro end.

When done properly, the matte box will be centered to the lens and give you the 1mm clearance from the viewfinder."Closing" the matte-box by folding the French flag over the matte box is what I have done in the past (I owned a Panasonic DVX 100 with a clip-on Chrosziel matte box), but that doesn't give full dust-protection, and the camera (with the French flag folded over the matte box) will no longer fit in your carrying case.To solve this problem, 16x9 Inc., Chrosziel's official importer in the US, offers a convenient matte-box cover, easy to put on and remove. is the Grab & Shoot camera bag, designed to transport the camera with the matte box securely in place.A video camera with a matte box "looks" cool, but what does a matte box actually do?At the most basic level it extends your ability to control and modify light prior to it entering the camera's lens: It allows you to flag and block errant light from causing unwanted lens flares.

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