Adventures delicious dating after 40

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I understand many men don’t like to exchange a lot of emails.

Some are way too forward, asking for my number after one email exchange.

Some are way too timid, taking weeks to ask for my number.

I’ve found a lot of men don’t know how to advance the relationship.

The prospect didn’t feel it was their job to say, “It sounds like you have exactly what I need. ” They wanted the salesperson to ask for the business. If a woman has to prod a man to “ask for the order,” he’s probably not that interested or confident enough.

Salesmen also understand that if they want to secure the “account” (you) they have to make some effort to earn the “business” (your affection).

The DWR coating makes water roll off, and stretch ripstop nylon adds warmth when temps drop.

In writing my book on sales, I discovered a common complaint from customers was salespeople who never asked for the order.

Salespeople could have an hour-long meeting with the prospect uncovering their needs and constraints, then just thank the prospect at the end, without ever asking for the order.

If they are used to one-time sales, not ongoing orders, they don’t fully understand the importance of “customer maintenance” — keeping you engaged beyond the initial conquest.

______________ Another example of how Dating strategies and Sales strategies mirror each other.

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